Driving to the International Exhibition Center

Special free bus routes from Botanicheskaya subway station to IEC “Yekaterinburg-EXPO” are running during working days of exhibition. Time schedule for buses - each 15 minutes.

Exhibition center "Yekaterinburg -EXPO" is located:

620089, Yekaterinburg, 2, EXPO Boulevard

Access to the territory of IEC is from Koltsovsky trakt. Driving directions out of the city:

  1. Enter the Koltsovsky trakt,
  2. Follow the trakt until its intersection with Yekaterinburg Automobile Ring Road (EKAD),
  3. Turn round at the EKAD junction and remain driving along Koltsovsky trakt  towards center of the city,
  4. When you see “IEC Yekaterinburg-EXPO” sign, turn right.